Medical Insurance In Kenya

Medical Insurance

medical insurance

Medical Insurance In Kenya With an insurance penetration of 2.34% as per 2019 statistics, medical insurance is definitely out of reach to many Kenyans. Only 15.8% of the Kenyan population…

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Retirement Benefit In Kenya

How to Plan for Retirement in Kenya 


Retirement Benefit In Kenya If there’s one thing that the covid 19 pandemic has taught us, is that, it is always wise to plan for the future. Lack of adequate…

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Money Market Fund In Kenya

Common Faq’s on money market fund.

money market fund

Money Market Fund In Kenya Should I save in a Sacco or in a Money Market Fund, (MMF)? This is one question we get from a number of investors. Our…

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Health Insurance In Kenya

Essential Health Insurance Components You Should Know 

Health Insurance

Health Insurance In Kenya When you receive a health insurance quote, you will notice that it has different sections such as benefits, inpatient, outpatients, premiums, chronic conditions, eligibility, and more.…

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